Extension Pool Enclosure

Extension Pool Enclosure

Extension pool enclosure, also known as a telescopic pool enclosure, is a type of screen enclosure that is designed to cover a swimming pool or spa area. The primary difference between an extension pool enclosure and a traditional screen enclosure is that an extension pool enclosure can be retracted or opened up to allow for an open-air swimming experience.

Extension pool enclosures typically consist of a series of roof panels and wall panels that can slide open or closed on a track system. When the enclosure is fully extended, it provides a fully enclosed space around the pool or spa area that protects swimmers from insects, debris, and other outdoor elements. When the enclosure is retracted, the pool or spa area is left open to the outdoor environment.

The ability to retract the enclosure allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of a covered pool or spa area while still being able to take advantage of sunny or warm weather. It can also help to reduce heating costs by allowing the sun’s rays to warm the pool or spa area during the day. Extension pool enclosures are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different pool and spa layouts and personal preferences.

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